Garage Meditations

Down with the old garage, up with the new.  The kids had fun painting themselves and friends and cousins on the old garage. Shortly before Helen’s tree damaged it, I had a moment when I thought I understood how my neighbors must feel about that garage.  How patient they’ve been with our quirkiness!  We were always going to paint the garage eventually.  I even found 5 gallons of brick red exterior latex on freecycle.  The boys were planning their summer around it.  Then, the lightning storm that struck and weakened Helen’s massive three trunked Ash.  Then, the wind storm that knocked the center trunk off and set Old Garage askew.

Were it not for the 100 year old oak wood of Old Garage, the tree would have smashed through it.  As it was, it shoved it out of square.  No contractor would true it up;  instead, it had to be torn down.  An ignominious end for an oak.

The soft blue-grey of New Garage is a fine counterpoint to windowbox flowers.

My new garage is a happy item for me.  It has a floor!  It smells fresh and clean!  It has no mice!  The simplest of pleasures. And best of all, the car stays drier inside the garage than it does outside! New Garage makes our house look shabby.  I felt a surge of ……something……… after New Garage was finished.  I wanted to rip off the siding on the house, put in new windows, build a new porch front and back.  Then I remembered about the money part.  Oh, well.

I will be taking down the rest of that ash tree, though.

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