Egg Management

Last winter, we used a lot of eggs.  We ate eggs for breakfast, I made banana bread every few days and zucchini bread in between banana breads, I made gibanica often. I kept hard boiled eggs on hand for kids running out the door for the bus. I was always running out of eggs. So when I joined meat and veggie CSA’s this spring, I signed up for the monthly eggs at two dozen from the meat farm and weekly eggs at two dozen from the veggie farm.  Well, hot weather temporarily cured my desire to bake, so the eggs began accumulating until I had about 9 or 10 dozen in the fridge. I kept meaning to contact both farms and reduce my order, but my days are busy y’all. So, on Thursday, I picked up my egg and veggie share and went immediately to friend Marina’s house to give her one box, and then gave Kim a box for feeding Justin so often. What a great feeling, knowing both needed eggs and had run out, and knowing I wouldn’t have to slide them in my fridge somehow!

That feeling buoyed me for several hours. Then, Willem came home from his friend’s house bearing……two dozen eggs from their chickens!

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