Continuing with the Egg and Chicken Theme

A Young Fellow

Well, four of the Wayandottes are roosters. We have only three hens. So choices will soon have to be made as to whether the roosters will be able to be gifted to others as pets (rooster, anyone?) or whether they will be residing in the freezer eventually. We will be keeping the Java rooster, as he is so incredibly handsome and we imagine ourselves breeding Java Red’s. We will be keeping the stunningly beautiful Java hen and the two strikingly handsome Wayandotte hens as well.

The coop update – rather than enclose the “big toys” as I had always dreamed, My Man built a plywood palace for them. They are near the house, and the other day, I could hear the 5 roosters trying out their crowing skills. They sounded like teenage boys, with the voice cracks and all!

I wonder, why am I so taken with these birds? You may be wondering the same thing. I can believe it has much to do with my own chicks being so darn old and so eager to jump out of my nest….. the nest they used to fear leaving only a few short years ago. Now, it’s no good anymore, they must fly to better, more worthy pastures. And I’ve learned, there’s a lot to be said for having a dog at such a time in a mother’s life!

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