The 10 Year Sweater

Justin models the 10 Year Sweater

This is not a Ten Year Sweater because it took 10 years to make. No. It is a Ten Year Sweater because that’s how long Justin will be able to wear it before it no longer can be made to fit. I made it for him in 6th grade from a great red wool I got on closeout from an Oak Park yarn shop which has since closed. It was a bit loose for him, and he didn’t like the scratchiness against his neck, so I added a soft black hand spun alpaca lining to the crew neck. By then, he was no longer interested in the sweater and didn’t wear it more than once or twice. In 8th grade he was interested in it again, but it was too short, although the shoulders and arms fit better. I had a couple extra skeins, so I lengthened the bottom. You can kind of see the addition in the photo. He tried it on, and discovered that it was……too long! Fast forward to sophomore year, Sweater Day at school. Here he is, wearing it in his cool fashion. The length is great, the shoulders are still great, and the sleeves are now too short, but he wears them rolled up. I can lengthen them, since I have more of this yarn.

I did not use a pattern to make this, but just did a basic drop-shoulder crew neck with back shaping so the hem would hang evenly. I hope he will wear it more than once a year, since this color is so awesome on him. Or rather, he makes the sweater look awesome! The color variations are natural, and are not as pronounced in person as it appears in this photo. With any luck, this could be a 30 year sweater!

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