Crunchy Ice and The North Country

One of my very favorite things about an early spring after a very snowy winter is the crunchy ice that forms in very thin, glassy sheets at the melting edge of the snow. I can’t resist stepping on it. I will go out of my way to step on it. As a kid, I sometimes took an hour to walk home from school because I was stepping on all the crunchy ice.

For some reason, this activity makes me think of a radio program that used to be on Wisconsin Public Radio Sunday nights called “Pages From A North Country Notebook” with George Vukelich. The stories themselves didn’t really stick with me so much as his voice as he read his essays about life in Northern Wisconsin, one of my very favorite places on earth. I have never really heard anything quite like it since. The juxtaposition of stories about the philosophical musings of a bar regular named Steady Eddie, an art house rendering and ethereal music was genius to me. I’ve been looking for an audiotape of the show, but I guess it’s “out of print” from WPR. The theme song, “Wisconsin” is a available on two different Glen Yarborough recordings, I understand.

And this then brings me to the loops of thought that circle round and round in my head for decades. Maybe this is why I can never find my keys?

View through the storm door after the Big Blizzard of 2011


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One Response to Crunchy Ice and The North Country

  1. Milana says:

    HI MOMMY! You are very funny!

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