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Crunchy Ice and The North Country

One of my very favorite things about an early spring after a very snowy winter is the crunchy ice that forms in very thin, glassy sheets at the melting edge of the snow. I can’t resist stepping on it. I … Continue reading

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The 10 Year Sweater

This is not a Ten Year Sweater because it took 10 years to make. No. It is a Ten Year Sweater because that’s how long Justin will be able to wear it before it no longer can be made to … Continue reading

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This should have been posted in August, but I took my time learning how to post photos in the post text. Thanks to everyone who celebrated Willem’s graduation from high school with us this past Sunday.  It was lovely to … Continue reading

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Continuing with the Egg and Chicken Theme

Well, four of the Wayandottes are roosters. We have only three hens. So choices will soon have to be made as to whether the roosters will be able to be gifted to others as pets (rooster, anyone?) or whether they … Continue reading

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Egg Management

Last winter, we used a lot of eggs.  We ate eggs for breakfast, I made banana bread every few days and zucchini bread in between banana breads, I made gibanica often. I kept hard boiled eggs on hand for kids … Continue reading

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I don’t know if it’s because the Columbia Wyandottes were free, or because I had talked about it long enough but I left the Heirloom Livestock show at Garfield Farm with 8 chicks, the six Wyandottes and two Auburn Java’s.I … Continue reading

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Garage Meditations

Family heirlooms of a sort….. Continue reading

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